EUROPLANT recommendation plant spacing©

Habitat and cultivation amendments

FactorAmendment plant spacing
light and sandy soil+2 cm
soil with unstable water supply+2 cm
early planting time (March)-2 cm
late planting time (Mid-April / May)+2 cm
big sized seed potatoes (normal sorting)+2 cm
small sized seed potatoes (normal sorting)-2 cm
medium sized potatoes for packing 40/60-2 cm to -4 cm
processing potatoes 50++6 cm to +8 cm
oversizes+4 cm
ideal seed viability+2 cm
physiological old seed potatoes-2 cm

Basically all factors can be summed up. Though some combinations are not possible or do not make sense. Maximum amendments are reached at +/- 4 cm.

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EUROPLANT recommendation plant spacing