EUROPLANT associated companies

Your competent and innovative partner today and tomorrow

With more than one hundred years of experience our group is continuously and extensively investing in modern research and product development to meet the needs of our customers. Through close collaborations with numerous universities and research institutes we can guarantee that the latest results of basic research and scientific knowledge are immediately applied in the practical breeding process.

Our activities result in successful potato breeding that meets the needs and wishes of our customers.

Since 2002 the breeding know-how and the varieties of two traditional and well-known companies have been incorporated into the brand EUROPLANT: Kartoffelzucht Böhm / Inh. Gebr. Böhm KG in Lüneburg/Germany and Nordkartoffel Zuchtgesellschaft mbH in Ebstorf/Germany.

In combination with the scientific expertise and the comprehensive breeding know-how of Böhm-Nordkartoffel Agrarproduktion GmbH & Co. OHG (BNA) we have been holding a leading position in our industrial sector for years.

High-quality production

In cooperation with BNA we propagate our prebasic seed potatoes exclusively on our own farms.

Highly specialized farmers multiply the next generations in the best potato growing areas of Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Bavaria.
Through our European subsidiaries we also produce seed potatoes in favoured regions of the European countries like Finland, Netherlands and France.

The right variety for each purpose

The BNA is part of a wide network of breeding and research stations in the most important potato cultivating regions of Europe.

With decades of experience and their special commitment the breeders at BNA can guarantee that new, competitive and high-performance potato varieties will be put on the market regularly.

Research for the future

Our sister company BNA is in charge of the production of our in-vitro-plantlets – they form the basis of our seed potato production programme. BNA is also host to the main biotechnology research centre of our company group.