Dates and Events

The EUROPLANT Potato is used in the whole world

We would like to inform you personally about our varieties and our company. Here you will find details about all the events we are represented and organize for you. Moreover, we allocate all the associated event records and evaluations here.

Visit us and inform yourself about our large choice of popular EUROPLANT varieties. We are looking forward to meet you.

November 2019

[DATE:10 Nov.] Agritechnica 10. - 16.11.2019
Hannover, Germany

[DATE:06 Nov.] Open Days, 06. - 08.2019
Creil, Netherlands

October 2019

[DATE:25 Okt.] EUROPLANT closing traditional field day
27299 Dralle / Langwedel, Germany

September 2019

[DATE:04 Sept.] PotatoEurope, 04. - 05.09.2019
Kain, Belgium

August 2019

[DATE:07 Aug.] EUROPLANT Potato field day Lower Saxony
29649 Wietzendorf, Germany

[DATE:14 Aug.] EUROPLANT field day Brandenburg
14913 Oehna, Germany

July 2019

[DATE:03 July] Organic field days  03. - 04.07.2019
Frankenhausen, Germany

June 2019

[DATE:26 June] Qualipom`
Aubers, France

Febuary 2019

[DATE:05 Feb.]International Berlin Potato Evening
Berlin, Germany

[DATE:06 Feb.] Fruit Logistica 06.02. - 08.02.2019
Berlin, Germany

January 2019

[DATE:09 Jan.] EUROPLANT Organic Seed Potato Show 2019
29588 Oetzen, Germany

[DATE:11 Jan.] Potato Day Brandenburg / Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
19348 Quitzow, Germany

[DATE:16 Jan.] Potato Day Thuringia / Saxony / Saxony-Anhalt
07751 Jena, Germany

[DATE:17 Jan.] Potato Day Brandenburg / Saxony-Anhalt
14913 Jüterbog/Werder, Germany