Grow green

Farming with responsibility

As an agricultural business, we at EUROPLANT Pflanzenzucht GmbH have a special responsibility. We believe that we have an obligation to meet the needs of our changing environment as well as the growing demands of consumers. The impact of climate change, the growing global population and a sustainability strategy for future generations are already forming the constantly evolving parameters of our day-to-day business.

„We breed to feed the world and protect our planet.“

Our goal is to provide a high-quality, nutritious, healthy and above all secure food source that can be grown in regions all around the world, whether they are dry or damp, cool or warm.

We offer varieties that are perfectly adapted to the local growing conditions, and the specific circumstances of the target market in terms of taste and preparation methods.

Our subsidiaries and local partners enable us to transfer our knowledge of potato growing to farmers around the world and to ensure the best, highest-quality yield in every location.

„We strive for a modern, efficient, sustainable agriculture.“

With our innovative varieties, our expertise and our service, we make a valuable contribution to modern, regional, efficient and sustainable agriculture and the highest quality yields.

To ensure that our potatoes can be grown in the most sustainableway, but at the same time with high quality and high yields, improving natural resistance to potato diseases and pests, strengthening resilience to environmental influences and increasing cultivation efficiency have been the goals of our breeding work for many years.

Growing our innovative varieties enables crop cultivation measures to be reduced. Our resilient varieties, which are also more efficient in their nutrient uptake, require less plant protection and fertiliser, which contributes to a more sustainable method of agriculture by maintaining soil health, promoting biodiversity and protecting the climate.

This puts us in an ideal position to meet current and future policy guidelines and challenges like the European Green Deal.

Innovative varieties

EUROPLANT varieties stand out with their strong characteristics, efficient resistance and tolerance and high yields.
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Tailored growing advice

Which variety is suited to my location? When is the best time to fertilise?
Our team of experts is always on hand to advise you.
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Insect hotels

Buzzing and blooming all day long. To protect our species and biodiversity, we have set up insect hotels and wildflower meadows at our operating sites.

Research and development

To meet the different demands on potatoes coming from around the world, we are constantly working on developing new and innovative potato varieties.
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Cutting-edge logistics

Our logistic depots are equipped with cutting-edge technology for storage, packing and loading.


A climate-neutral company

Since May 2020, we have been balancing out our CO2 emissions by supporting selected climate protection projects.
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