The Europlant potato as a great all-rounder

BELANA is excellent for tasty salads. DONATA is predestinated for the production of fried potatoes and the variety EUROGRANDE is suitable for starch extraction. Normally the customer looks after differences between floury and waxy table potatoes, but EUROPLANT established more than 100 different varieties, which all have their individual characteristics and assets. Not one variety is like the other!

Primary the distinction of potato varieties based on two facts: The date of harvesting and the cooking characteristics. Furthermore EUROPLANT distributes varieties for the food industry, which are processed after harvesting. The Purpose of these varieties is various. Depending on requirements the potatoes were processed to starch, potato flour or ethanol. Also they are needed to produce PET-films, paper and board products, adhesives and pharmaceutical products.

Awarded Varieties International

Belana – Danish Food Contest 2012

The firm cooking quality potato BELANA has reached a great success

In competition with ten other potato varieties, she won the Danish Food Contest 2012 in Herning Denmark as the best variety in Denmark. During two days consumers tested and assessed the different varieties.

Absolute clearly winner: BELANA from EUROPLANT. We are proud, that BELANA convinced experts as well as consumers and established as a winner of important competitions.

Congratulations BELANA!

Elfe – Quality Food Award 2012

In November 2012 the fairly firm cooking potato ELFE from EUROPLANT was awarded with the “Quality Food Award 2012”

It’s the first time since the establishing of the competition 35 years ago, that a potato variety received this eminently respectable award.

The competition for ELFE was tough, at least she had in different aliment serious opponents, but finally she was able to claim the overall victory in the category “retail products”. Members of the “Quality Food Award 2012” were only exclusive experts from the domain of aliment fabrication and retail.

Vineta – Testdinner in Russland

VINETA won a test dinner with 700 guests in Russia.