Lower Carb table potatoes

Coronada and Montana

In search of innovative varieties, we have developed MONTANA & CORONADA, which are characterised by a very low energy content. The average energy content is reduced by at least 30%, relative to corresponding comparison varieties*

Controlled cultivation

MONTANA & CORONADA are grown on selected farms. On all fields, the farmers work in an environmentally friendly, sustainable manner, according to conven-tional or organic guidelines. Our low carb varieties are produced with reduced inputs (low input-varieties). The cultivation is accompanied by experienced potato experts, from planting to harvest.

Target group

  • young, health and environmentally conscious consumers
  • people in search of something special


  • table varieties with firm & mainly firm cooking properties
  • particularly suitable for cooking, frying and baking

* As potatoes are a natural product, the absolute content of ingredients can vary due to environmental influences. Thus, the relative energy content is meaningful.

EUROPLANT Lower Carb flyer (PDF)