EUROPLANT potatoes

Resistant, resilient and efficient

Whether it’s BELANA or SIMONETTA for a potato salad, SORENTINA to make crisps, DONATA for chips or EUROGRANDE to produce starch, we offer a wide range of consistently high-quality potatoes for table, processing and starch production.

For many years now, the focus of our varieties development has been on improving natural resistance to potato diseases and pests, increasing resilience to environmental factors and enhancing cultivation efficiency combined with stable varietal characteristics in terms of taste and appearance.

Large portfolio of tolerant, resistant varieties

Pests and diseases have a significant impact on potato quality and yield. As such, a focal point of our breeding work has been on increasing natural resistance to nematodes, potato wart and viral diseases.

We are proud that our targeted breeding work has produced many varieties with an above-average resistance to blight. They naturally combat pathogens, thus securing long-term stability in the haulm. This saves plant protection products and promotes reliable growth.

Comprehensive range of heat and drought-tolerant varieties

More frequent and prolonged hot spells that are often accompanied by extreme drought have direct consequences for potato cultivation. Through our breeding programme, we have developed a range of varieties that are more tolerant to high temperatures and a lack of water due to low precipitation.

Special varieties for low input production

Our innovative varieties for low input production are very efficient at acquiring and converting nutrients, enabling them to achieve a high yield of consistent quality with a reduced supply of nutrients.

Varieties suitable for long-term storage

We offer a wide range of dormant varieties that can be stored over the springtime and beyond without the need to apply sprout inhibitors.

Overview of our varieties

EUROPLANT processing directions