EUROPLANT organic seed potatoes

A large choice of seed potatoes from organic breeding

Only breeding methods which are in line with the principles of organic farming are used in plant breeding. The target is to create robust and efficient varieties with high natural resistance, to guarantee environmentally friendly production and thus to conserve natural resources.

With more than 30 different varieties, we offer a large range of seed potatoes from organic multiplication. We only multiply our seed potatoes on selected, qualified farms, which belong to well-known local organic associations. In addition to the official minimum standards, EUROPLANT sets higher requirements for our organic seed potatoes. Our intensive quality analysis in production, storage and processing ensures continuous improvement of the production result.

Special requirements in organic farming

Organic farming demands special requirements for the varieties. Due to the low fertilizer level, organic seed potatoes have less nutrients available. The nutrient content is also subject to a different dynamic. Competition from side herbs is high and the use of conventional pesticides is forbidden when an infestation with pathogens is present. For this reason, preference is given to varieties that can convert rapid youth development and early tuber development into yield or can withstand the pressure of disease for longer due to pronounced leaf health.

We at EUROPLANT know the special requirements and have the right solution for a high-yield harvest in harmony with nature and are the right contact for organic potato cultivation.

We constantly optimize production processes, train our multipliers and improve the cultivation instructions for our varieties. We would be pleased to assist you by telephone or in a personal discussion about the variety characteristics and the requirements for your local conditions.

EUROPLANT is certificated in accordance with the EG-Eco-Regulation by the Eco-Control Authority DE-ÖKO-006.

EUROPLANT organic certificate