Certification and advice

EUROPLANT is regularly certified by external auditors in accordance with QS and ecological guidelines. Production processes are organised in such a way that they comply with customer requirements and legal regulations. In order to fulfil the criteria, we work continuously with a quality management team on improvement processes.

You can find our current certificates here.

We have also been a registered coordinator in the QS and Global G.A.P. system since 2004 and can advise you on how to fulfil the criteria.

QS and QS-G.A.P.

The QS scheme is a cross-company and cross-stage quality assurance system. It covers the production, processing and marketing of fruit, vegetables and potatoes.

The QS programme is currently the most modern, practicable and comprehensive quality assurance system in Germany. The aim is to strengthen consumer confidence in the agricultural production of foodstuffs.

QS-G.A.P. is a combined certification according to the standards of QS and GlobalG.A.P. Mutual recognition means that the requirements of both quality assurance systems are met. We recommend the QS-G.A.P. combined certificate to our bundled companies because it guarantees the highest sales opportunities for the products.


GlobalG.A.P. is a private sector organisation that sets global standards for the certification of agricultural products. Certification has been used in many countries for years and is standard in some cases. The international nature of the organisation means that goods can be compared globally, which is important for foreign trade. Many wholesalers, agencies and exporters who operate internationally require the GlobalG.A.P. certificate from their suppliers.