EUROPLANT Plant Breeding in Eldingen prepared for future customer requirements

The extensive conversion work at the Eldingen site will be completed in the next few days.
In addition to a redesign of the company premises and the construction of the necessary fortification of the grounds around the office, storage and processing facilities, a weighbridge is now also available. Especially in the case of increasing bulk shipments to farms and also for supra-regional shipments, weighbridges help to save a great deal of time.

The Eldingen site is located directly on the B 191 "Kartoffelautobahn" (potato highway) and is thus characterized by a favourable traffic situation.

Hamburg: 130 km; Hanover: 65 km; Brunswick:58 km

Under the management of Christian Neumaier, approx. 765 ha of propagation area in the area of Südheide and the entire area south of the BAB 2 are managed from the location.

The total storage capacity is approx. 4,200 tons, of which approx. 2,600 tons can currently be cooled.

"The growth of approx. 650 ha of the area under cultivation is stored directly on the propagation farms, transported to Eldingen in the course of the season or handled directly on the farms, which ensures short distances for the goods and brings us a high level of efficiency in the loading season", says Site Manager Neumaier with confidence into the future.
For phytosanitary reasons, only seed potatoes are stored in 1.25 tons wooden crates in Eldingen. These boxes are washed and disinfected annually to maintain a high phytosanitary standard (see film).

"The maintenance of a high standard of hygiene will remain one of the main challenges for seed potato production in the future", says Hans- Adolf Ferchau, head of organisation responsible for the Heideregion, "for this we will do everything in our power and make the necessary technical investments and train employees and growers accordingly!

The direct handling of seed potatoes at the storage site is approx. 7,000 tons per year and in addition, the sorting of seed potatoes is marketed there mainly for export purposes.

As standard packaging units, 2.5 kg 1,100 kg BigBags are packed, commissioned and loaded there.

For EUROPLANT sales, this conversion means even better performance and even more flexibility in loading. The warehouses Eldingen, Oetzen and Wietzendorf are now operated by EUROPLANT Pflanzenzucht GmbH in Lower Saxony. In addition, the warehouses in Apensen, Harsefeld and Beckdorf, which are managed by RAISA eG, are also managed by EUROPLANT.

"With this capacity and logistics service we are well equipped for future tasks," says Andreas Klaffke, sales manager and authorized signatory, about this additional capacity improvement in Eldingen.