Final phase of the multiplication plantings in Slovakia

Slovakia, May 2022 | Under almost ideal conditions, the multiplication plots in the Tatra region could already be almost completely planted out. All areas have been separated and thus offer all conditions for a low-damage harvest.

"The technical investments in field technology are paying off for the first time this year," say colleagues Dzurnak and Pjontek happily.

The EUROPLANT Group produces about 200 ha of seed potatoes in the natural healthy areas of the Tatra region for the Slovakian market, but also for deliveries to the surrounding countries.

"Thanks to the investments in quality improvement in the field as well as the significant improvement of the receiving, preparation and packaging technology, we have made considerable progress in international comparison," confirms Managing Director Stano Tremko.

Production in Slovakia is to be used to spread the risk in the coming years. Wide crop rotations, natural healthy locations and logistically advantageous locations for delivery to Hungary, Austria, Ukraine and, last but not least, Poland and the Czech Republic form another component of EUROPLANT's sustainability strategy.