Four new varieties enrich EUROPLANT's assortment

Lüneburg, May 2020 | Four new EUROPLANT varieties have been successfully approved by the Federal Office of Plant Varieties for the new 2020/2021 season.

RILANA, VINDIKA and MARLIE will be included in the food assortment. RILANA is a medium-early, predominantly firm-cooking pack-off variety with a broad nematode resistance and tolerance. In addition, it combines good yield performance with attractive tubers and a certain robustness.

The new release VINDIKA has a broad nematode resistance and tolerance in top class lettuce quality. This makes the early, firm-cooking quality variety unique at present.

The predominantly firm-cooking MARLIE enriches the medium-early export varieties and stands for very high yields with a large-headed variety.

The nematode resistant and tolerant EURODELTA completes the offer in the medium early starch assortment.

Further information on our new varieties will soon be available in our assortment list.

For all questions about the new varieties and their cultivation, please contact our cultivation advisors.