Four new varieties for 2021/2022 season

Lüneburg, May 2021 | The Federal Office of Plant Varieties granted approval to four new varieties of EUROPLANT Pflanzenzucht GmbH in March 2021.

COLUMBIA, FLORENTINA and FRANCA  will enrich the ware segment for the domestic and international markets. ISLARA enhances the premium processing assortment.

The medium early, mainly firm cooking variety COLUMBIA is characterised by large, visually very appealing tubers and a high yield potential. It complements the EUROPLANT export assortment perfectly.

FLORENTINA produces smooth-skinned, oval and visually very attractive tubers. With an early maturity, it achieves very high, large market yields. As a mainly firm cooking variety with a light yellow flesh colour, it also fits perfectly in the export range.

With a combination of robustness, good appearance and good ware quality, FRANCA  is an ideal packaging variety. As a mainly firm-cooking, yellow-fleshed ware potato with a high dormancy, the first impression is very positive.

ISLARA amplifies our premium crisps range. Its high yields, stable starch content, reliable baking qualities and long-term storage suitability are promising prerequisites for a succesful market launch.

Further information on our new varieties is available in our assortment list.

For all questions about the new varieties and their cultivation, please contact our cultivation advisors.