Seed potato harvest in Slovakia in full swing

25 years of plant multiplication

Slovakia, September 2023 | In Slovakia, the seed potato harvest has begun in the healthy areas of the High Tatras in the best weather.

EUROPLANT has been successfully multiplying healthy seed potatoes for the Slovakian market and the surrounding countries at the Poprad site for 25 years.

This year the 25th anniversary was celebrated with great participation of Slovakian and foreign customers, with an open day and a very well attended field day with over 150 guests.

Around 190 ha of seedlings of different varieties are in the field for the EUROPLANT Group this year. Late planting, difficult vegetation conditions characterise the course of the growth so far.

The weather at harvest time is very good. Good qualities are harvested, but - as in many other European propagation areas - with a high proportion of oversized plants. The demand for imported seedlings will therefore also be high in Slovakia.

The varieties ANUSCHKA, LAURA and MARABEL have the largest area. But also the new varieties like ANNALENA, BERNINA and SIMONETTA are developing very positively.

Also in the future, basic seed potatoes will be produced proportionally in the healthy area of the High Tatras, which will find their way onto the EU market in the event of further restrictions on seed potato production in significant other European production areas.