1st International Day of Potato

Harvesting diversity, feeding hope

Lüneburg, April 2024 | On May 30, 2024, the International Potato Day will be celebrated for the first time. Declared by the UN in December 2023, this day aims to highlight the diverse nutritional, economic, ecological, and cultural values of the potato. It builds upon the International Year of the Potato celebrated in 2008.

Originating from the South American Andes, the potato arrived in Europe in the 16th century and spread worldwide. It is now one of the most important food crops globally. Its cultivation and consumption contribute not only to food security but also to employment opportunities and economic growth along its value chain.

This year's theme, 'Harvesting diversity, feeding hope,' emphasizes the extensive genetic diversity of the tuber and aims to illustrate its untapped potential for breeding modern potato varieties. These varieties exhibit high resistance to diseases and pests, adapt to changing environmental conditions, and meet market demands and consumer preferences.

Further information on the 1st International Potato Day can be found on the UN website.