Sales of ware poatatoes and onions

Our sales organisation Plattling is located in the area of the Gäuboden, one of the most fertile farmlands in Bavaria.

EUROPLANT Pflanzenzucht GmbH
Enchendorfstr. 22
94447 Plattling, GERMANY

Phone +49 (0)9931 929540
Fax +49 (0)9931 9295414


Our services

Goods receiving

We offer ware potatoes and onions. With our efficient potato receiving department we are a reliable partner for the ware potato producers in the region.


Due to the modern production plant, we can calibrate the valuable potatoes according to the customer’s requirements and to pack them in different packaging (loose, Big Bag, 50 kg, 25 kg, 15 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg and 2 kg).


In our storage with a capacity of 4,000 tons, we continuously store ware potatoes from the harvest in summer to spring.


We have a strong network of sales partners to meet the requirements of individual markets.