Böhm NORDKARTOFFEL Agrarproduktion moves into a new greenhouse in Böhlendorf

Böhm NORDKARTOFFEL Agrarproduktion meets the constantly increasing requirements in the field of phytosanitary safety in the field of potato conservation breeding by building new greenhouses for the cultivation of meristem plants as a basis for healthy breeding.

In addition to the new building on the site of the conservation breeding station in Hohenbrünzow, which has been in operation for some time, a new greenhouse has now also been put into operation at the Böhlendorf site and thus additionally strengthens the basis of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, as essential conservation breeding locations in the designated EU health locations.

On an area of approx. 2200m², approx. 200,000 meristemp plants are cultivated annually in several passages at the Böhlendorf location. The meristem plants are delivered to the conservation breeding stations from the company's own BIOPLANT laboratory in Ebstorf.

Due to its technical equipment, the new greenhouse offers excellent possibilities for the bacteria- and virus-free cultivation of meristem plants.

The greenhouse is controlled by a fully automatic climate computer and irrigation, fertilisation and crop protection treatment are carried out by an automatically controlled watering trolley without damaging the plants, which could not be completely excluded with the conventional method of manual processing.

Station and breeding manager Karsten-Peter Meyer says: "By the ideal interaction of the new greenhouse with the technical solutions installed in it, we expect an even better initial quality of the prepress deliveries to our multipliers!