Bocuse d`Or Europe 2022

EUROPLANT Potatoes at international cooking competition

Hungary, March 2022 | A special honour for our partner EURO SOL in Hungary. They were allowed to supply the potatoes for the prestigious cooking competition Bocuse d`Or Europe 2022.

The final round of this year`s international competition took place on 23 and 24 March 2022 in Budapest. On the programme this year was a platter based on venison and foie gras and a vegetarian dish honouring local varieties of potatoes. EURO SOL provided the potatoes: the firm-cooking ANUSCHKA - ideal for salads; the predominantly firm-cooking CORONADA - known for its lower carbohydrate content; and MADISON - perfect for chips.

The winner was Team Denmark, which won the gold medal of the Bocuse d`Or Europe 2022 with its creation. Silver went to the Hungarian team and bronze to the Norwegian crew.

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